Turn FFIEC Compliance into Customer Loyalty and Retention

Turn FFIEC Compliance into Customer Loyalty and Retention
Within the FFIEC Authentication Guidance, one provision - strong authentication - stands out as an opportunity to make security conveniently visible to customers. Join two banking security thought-leaders and a solution provider for insights on:
  • How to satisfy a crucial FFIEC mandate within the overall layered security model;
  • How to also establish greater customer confidence - and loyalty - in online transactions.

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Even as the security landscape surrounding Internet financial transactions becomes more hostile, banking executives are still primarily concerned with customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Until now, security for financial transactions has been thought of as an add-on or afterthought, in which traditional security measures have been considered by management to be an impediment to positive customer relationships.

In this session, two banking experts will interpret the FFIEC authentication guidance in the context of the user experience. They will discuss the foundations of the guidelines and the impending paradigm shift that can lead the customer into a security partnership with the bank, making the customer a willing (and eager!) participant in the high risk transaction security process.

By providing easy to deploy and easy to use strong authentication technology, customers can now see themselves as "in charge" of their secure transactions, creating a trusted bond between themselves and their bank. Furthermore, the same communications mechanism that provides secure out-of-band authentication can also be utilized to seamlessly and securely transmit transaction confirmation messages, reinforcing the customer's confidence in the transaction.

In the final module, the CTO from a leading Identity and Access solutions provider, Nordic Edge, an Intel subsidiary, joins to demonstrate the user authentication experience, in which smartphones deliver true out-of-band secure authentication in the most convenient way possible. Learn how to take advantage of the latest thinking in Internet financial transaction security in your customer outreach and retention programs.

This solution is an integral component of the complete security suite offered by Intel, McAfee, and Nordic Edge to deliver the broadest suite of integrated technologies that address the full range of FFIEC mandates, including:

  • SSO bundled with strong authentication;
  • Web services (XML) security to inspect and limit backend transactions;
  • Threat and compliance reporting.

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