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Scaling Security with Virtualized Infrastructure

Scaling Security with Virtualized Infrastructure

The pace of change in banking regulations, the escalation of cyber threats and dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, including the increased use of electronic and mobile banking services requires executives to re-evaluate their IT operating model. Banks that are stuck with fixed IT resources and costs have less agility than their competitors and find it difficult to react to the changing landscape.

This webinar will delve into:

  • The key drivers influencing banks' deployment of IT infrastructure;
  • The shift to outsourcing, and how this flexibility can be leveraged as a competitive advantage;
  • How to navigate the challenges introduced when managing both in-house and outsourced providers.

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Fixed infrastructure and legacy IT skills limits a bank's ability to respond to innovation and keep pace with the consumer, so many initiatives rely on the CTO to deliver new tools and technology. However, the bank's IT organization, dedicated to legacy technologies and wrapped around a fixed infrastructure, does not have the flexibility or often the skills to respond.

To remain competitive, banks must find ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, leverage new technology and provide continuous value to customers. This level of service and innovation requires an IT partner who can offer long term cost advantages and a large pool of diversified expertise around modern technologies and practices. This includes both physical and virtual platforms such as collocation, managed services and the cloud. IT infrastructure outsourcing empowers your organization to quickly implement and scale new services, products and capabilities as needed.

In this webinar we will review:

  • Trends and challenges associated with IT outsourcing;
  • Discuss the key questions and issues to consider in order to mitigate some of the associated challenges that can arise;
  • The 'hybrid IT approach' and its associated benefits.

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