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The Fraud Ecosystem, the Deep Web & Creating Actionable Intelligence

The Fraud Ecosystem, the Deep Web & Creating Actionable Intelligence

Fraud Ecosystem
In June this year the "Ronald Reagan" batch of credit cards (potentially those stolen from PF Chang's) joined the "Barbarossa" batch from Target in becoming publicly available for purchase. Featured on the popular Rescator card shop (stolen card data marketplace), with advanced features like money back guarantees, pricing tiers (where Canadian bank cards demanding some of the highest prices) and cardholder zip code grouping. This is indicative of the broad, deep and sophisticated underground "Fraud as a Service" network currently in operation.

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In this in-depth update session we will learn:

  • How is this underground economy structured?
  • How is the 'Deep Web' being utilized for fraud?
  • What Threat Intelligence can we gather from it?

Threat Intelligence
Collecting security and fraud related data from multiple sources can often just result in creating a very large pool of unrelated facts. But begin to add context to that data and you now have information. Triangulate multiple pieces of information together and you can create intelligence, indicative of a real and active threat.

This session will answer questions such as:

  • How can I create Actionable Intelligence from data feeds?
  • How will emerging threat information exchange specifications such as TAXII/STIX effect our ability to collect and share standardized threat information with the broader community.
  • How do I best select and combine internal context and event information with the various open source and commercial external threat intelligence feeds available?

Additional Summit Insight:
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Fraud Ecosystem

The business of online fraud has developed into a sophisticated underground criminal operation that continues to evolve every day. Much like real-world business, fraud "entrepreneurs" offer products and services for a profit, they fight to gain competitive advantage and market share, are continually innovating to improve their offerings and meet the needs of customers, and are affected by the laws of supply and demand.

In this session, Amy Blackshaw, CISSP and Manager of Product Marketing at RSA, will walk attendees through how the fraudster underground operates, how it continues to evolve across multiple channels including mobile, web and email, and the lessons we can learn.

Threat Intelligence

Security threats evolve at an alarming rate and are more complex than ever before. To combat these threats, organizations need to constantly analyze the architecture of these threats and the behavior of the perpetrators. Armed with that understanding, you can design targeted, defensive solutions that are relevant to each unique environment.

In this session, Lance James, head of cyber intelligence at Deloitte & Touche, discusses how organizations can create actionable intelligence by taking multiple data streams and adding context to the data.

This session was recorded during the 2014 Fraud Summit Toronto. Additional recordings include:

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