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Financial Malware: Detection and Defense Strategies

Financial Malware: Detection and Defense Strategies

For financial institutions, maximizing the detection of fraud and defending against malware requires constantly adjusting to the current threat landscape. To stay ahead of these threats, a thorough analysis and investigation of malware attacks can help in your fight against asset loss and brand damage.

In this webinar we will:

  • Review lessons learned from 4 recent high-profile malware attacks;
  • Breakdown the key takeaways that can be put into practice in your company;
  • Include live examples of Command and Control (C&C) attacks.


Financial institutions have the most high-profile, high-value assets on the Internet: millions of bank accounts. The global natures of the Internet means that these assets attract ambitious attackers all around the world.

Banks used to be frequent targets of robbery even in the days of brick and mortar, before the Internet. Back then, the maximum amount of loot taken was limited to the physical currency holdings of that branch. The bank robbers had to physically invade the branch office. If they were caught, they faced the legal framework of the jurisdiction around it.

Those two restrictions (the limited asset exposure and the legal jurisdiction) no longer apply in the Internet age. It is as if every bank robber in the world can perform a heist anywhere and their total addressable loot has increased to the assets of the bank's worldwide clientele. If the virtual bank robber is based in a different country from the clientele, the chances of facing legal proceedings are slim to none.

This thievery, broadly known as fraud, is a constant and persistent reality for online banking today. To effectively combat the perils of fraud, organizations that offer financial services over the internet must defend their businesses with a combination of security technologies.

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