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The Dirty Little Secret About Network Security

The Dirty Little Secret About Network Security

If you are sending data over a service provider's network, there is a dirty little secret you need to know about. Despite your provider's claims that your data is secure, current Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies including MPLS and Metro-Ethernet offer no inherent data protection. It's time for you to take matters into your own hands to ensure your data is secure.

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  • The importance of data centric security and the latest findings on how/where data is stolen;
  • The truth about the lack of security with MPLS and other WAN technologies;
  • A groundbreaking data protection method that secures data without impacting network or application performance.


Many network and security executives believe data is secure as it traverses the Wide Area Network (WAN). This myth is often perpetuated by service providers who claim their networks are "private" - insinuating that your data is safe from attack, theft, or redirection as it traverses over network backbone.

The truth is that your data may be more vulnerable on the MPLS/Metro-E backbone than anywhere else. Since your data is most often sent in clear text (unencrypted), your data can be viewed, replicated, modified or redirected without detection. To make matters worse, there are readily available video instructions on the Internet on how to tap data lines for data replication.

And if your data is breached, it's your company that bears the financial and legal burden. Nearly all standard service level agreements (SLA) specify only availability rather than data security and integrity (another little truth the providers are not keen on sharing).

The good news is that with recent technological advancements, it is now possible to protect data in motion over the WAN, without the complexity, cost and performance issues of IPsec tunnels. With this latest breakthrough in data protection, your information can be secured quickly and easily while maintaining high availability, disaster recovery and any-to-any connectivity -- all with performance that meets the standards for voice, video and other high speed applications.

Among the Topics to be discussed are:

  • How threats to networks and data have changed over the past 15 years;
  • The difference between "Virtual Privacy" and Actual Security;
  • A revealing look at the lack of security within Wide Area Networks;
  • Network Encryption case studies - how several companies are protecting their data without using performance killing IPsec tunnels.

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