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5 Must-Haves for an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solution

5 Must-Haves for an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solution

Do you have everything your organization needs to manage mobility, without exposing gaps in both data protection and end-user privacy? In this webinar, you will be able to find real answers to tough questions, such as:

  • What do you need to deploy flexible BYOD and/or CYOD policies;
  • How to protect apps without investing in SDKs or code-writing projects;
  • What's the most efficient way to safely distribute content.

Whether it's implementing a corporate-owned or personally-owned devices strategy, or a hybrid, you can learn how to help tackle the challenges that come with managing complex mobile environments, while keeping your workforce productive.


With the rise of mobile devices in the workplace, businesses face a conundrum. Eager to reap the benefits of mobility, yet justifiably uneasy about the significant risks involved, organizations are struggling to find the right approach. Proven benefits of mobility include happier employees, increased productivity, and greater business agility. Risks include everything from critical data losses to devastating reputation damage.

Ready or not, organizations must tackle the issue head-on. The question isn't should employees be able to use mobile devices for work, mobile devices are already an inescapable part of the workplace landscape. It's up to IT to both incorporate these devices and manage them within the security of the network. In addition to smartphones, IT must also secure tablets, laptops, portable printers and anything that can connect to your network. The horse is out of the gate so to speak. Now, businesses must get ahead of the curve to take advantage of what mobility offers while ensuring security, privacy, and control for the enterprise.

Download this webinar to learn:

  • About one solution that effectively manages devices, apps and data;
  • How to increase productivity without sacrificing security;
  • 5 Must haves to keep in mind when searching for an EMM solution.

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